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Land Rover Continuous Care

The Land Rover range is designed to offer you a luxurious driving experience. To ensure this is the case everytime, we’ve designed the Land Rover Continuous Care program. This is our complementary service that is provided to you through our Land Rover Approved Service Centre at Ebbett Prestige Tauranga. Here you will find state-of-the-art facilities and world class service technicians tasked with ensuring that your vehicle continues to perform at the highest standard.

Roadside Assistance

Our partnership with the AA means that we can provide extensive road side assistance should you experience any issues with your vehicle. Not only providing assistance with issues such as flat tyres, lockouts or breakdowns, we will ensure transport of your vehicle to the nearest Ebbett Prestige Service Centre.

Personal Service Contact
Not just delivering best in class service, our goal is to provide seamless communications. This ensures that your visit to, and ongoing communication from, Ebbett Prestige adds to the experience of being a Land Rover customer.

Health Check
The Continuous Care Program offers ongoing health checks to ensure proactive maintenance of your vehicle, as required. Our friendly team of Service Advisors will provide you with an assessment for your vehicle and be on hand to answer any queries you may have.

Alternative Transport
Ebbett Prestige can provide a range of transport options while your vehicle is being serviced. Select the best option to suit your needs on the day of service.

Vehicle Wash
Whilst in our care, we will also complete an exterior wash and interior vacuum prior to delivery.

Terms and conditions
Vehicle must be a Land Rover model under 10 years of age. Must be serviced at an approved JLR dealership for annual reinstatements of this program.

The Roadside Assist Program includes:

  • Flat tyre service
  • Flat battery service
  • Minor breakdown related repairs at roadside, where it is safe to do so
  • Breakdown related towing service
  • Emergency side glass replacement
  • Accommodation and alternative transport

If your vehicle cannot be repaired within 24 hours and is located more than 100km from home, Land Rover Assistance can provide the following:- Emergency taxi fare up to $100 for a breakdown if the vehicle cannot be driven, OR- Accommodation for up to three nights at $150 per night, OR A rental car for up to three days at $120 per day, OR- Passenger transport provided by alternative road, rail or air to relocate the driver of the nominated vehicle and any travel companions to continue their journey, up to a limit of $360.00 incl. GST per incident. Vehicle Repatriation- Vehicle recovery will be provided to enable the return of the repaired vehicle to an agreed destination or to the owner’s home, whichever is closer- If the original breakdown location is less than 100km from home Land Rover Assistance will cover up to $200.00 from the dealer to owner’s home address- If the original breakdown location is more than 100km from home Land Rover Assistance will cover up to $400.00 from the dealer to owner’s home address

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